Moss Hollow Gallery project

Conspiring for a better world, one art-inspired connection at a time.

Now – more than ever – art is necessary. It opens eyes and hearts. It challenges pre-conceived notions. It helps us remember things we’ve forgotten and dream of what’s still possible. It is both a salve to the wounded soul and fuel for a fire in the belly that just may change the world.

Moss Hollow is not your typical gallery. It is warm, informal, and genuine. You may even feel that it’s a lot like home because it IS, in fact, home. Our home. We display the work of artists and seek to create art-interaction opportunities for the art-curious in ways that may not be possible in more traditional commercial galleries or museums. We do this by hosting salon parties, art talks, classes, and workshops. We are open by appointment in addition to events.

Moss Hollow Gallery was born out of a desire to connect – in a real and authentic way – with art, art-makers, and those who simply want more art in their lives. MHG encourages you to engage with the art you are seeing, but also with the people who made it and the people who are viewing it with you. Because at the center of art is people.

We invite you to be a part of what’s happening at Moss Hollow Gallery.

John & Michelle Holdway

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