Argos Mind Maze Statement

This series is a riff on Greek mythology that came about while I was thinking about feeling stretched in many directions, obsessive over diligence turning into a feeling of disconnection from myself. I start with the myth of Argos Panoptes and spin into my own narrative.

Argos, the multi-eyed giant, is the always-vigilant shepherd. Because he never truly sleeps Argos has a psychotic break and his mind splits into multiple personalities. Now he is trapped in a maze of dream and reality. Lost in the Argos Mind Maze each eye has its own personality and has separated from the higher mind.

But there is hope for Argos.

Argosite guardian cultists appeal to the goddess Hera on behalf of Argos. Hera, sympathetic to her faithful servant, tasks a group of heroes to rescue Argos from the Mind Maze. In their quest to rescue Argos they discover that he is not merely trapped but imprisoned by a daemon who they must defeat in order to free Argos from the Mind Maze.

He discovers the power of transformation. As a shapeshifter, he escapes his prison but sacrifices his hyper-vigilance.

John Holdway