BEAM 2019 Proposal

Argos Guardian Totem 1

4′ x 3′ x 7′

Mixed Media



Argos, the 100-eyed giant, is the always-vigilant shepherd. Because he never truly sleeps Argos has a psychotic break and his mind splits into multiple personalities. Now he is trapped in a maze of dream and reality. Trapped in the Argos Mind Maze each eye has its own personality and has separated from the higher mind.


Argosite guardian cultists appeal to the goddess Hera on behalf of Argos. Hera, sympathetic to her faithful servant, tasks a group of heroines to rescue Argos from the Mind Maze. In their quest to rescue Argos they discover that he is not merely trapped but imprisoned by a daemon who they must defeat in order to free Argos from the Mind Maze.



Large illuminated sculptural elements will be displayed during the BEAM 2119 event. During the night there will be a choreographed performance by dancers created for the event.




This project initiated from a personal series based on Agros, the Greek mythical character that explores hyper-vigilance leading to indolence and can we break free and move forward with love? The sculptural work is an extension of my painting series expanding to now include reference from ancient Greek theater masks, architecture and lanterns; it symbolizes Argos, the deranged character, and the Argosite Guardian shrine. The sculptures serve as set pieces for a choreographed piece by Shelly Galvin, Cynthia Valentine and Michelle Holdway that will be performed during the BEAM event in September.

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